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Similar to most mind-body therapies, the hypnotherapy practice can perform the roll of an excellent adjunct to the regular or alternative therapies to fuel the recovery process. Most of the psychotherapists nowadays are advising hypnotherapy to help their patients steadily recover. Here the matter is to build a trusted relationship with the therapist. You can never get into the process perfectly until you find the person persuasive enough to depend upon. So, even though there is no rule of thumb to select your therapist, you need to find the one who is capable of performing the task efficiently for you.

In a typical hypnotherapy practice the patient sits comfortably with his feet resting on the floor and palms on their lap. Some therapists ask their patients to lie down to help them get the utmost comfort during the session. The approach to hypnosis varies with the practitioners. Then the therapists confirm the depth of trance by some tests on their patient?s responsiveness; through their visual, auditory or kinesthetic means. Normally the trance is noted by the relaxation of muscles. It is important for the therapist to know the mental status, the fear and feelings of the patient to best communicate with his subconscious mind. In this state of mind, the therapist offer suggestions that the patient follow. Depending on the purpose of the therapy, it is wise to follow-up the therapist and get multiple sessions as advised.

The result of hypnotherapy practice is overwhelmingly positive. Countless success stories exist. But before you think of subjecting yourself to hypnotherapy, it is advised to learn as much about the process as possible and carefully select the therapist as is necessary to sense comfort throughout the session. You must always keep the fact in mind that personal rapport and trust are two key factors in developing a potential hypnotherapy session. The therapist you are going with should be a patient listener and must answer all your questions. The detailed discussions not only help you know the therapist better but also help the practitioner know his patient?s mental status and expectations, which in turn will enhance the likelihood of success.

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Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Submitted by: Herbert Philips

In light of recent reports of adverse side effects associated with certain medications, including those related to dealing with nicotine addiction, many smokers who have seemingly exhausted their other options are turning to hypnosis in an attempt to finally stop smoking. Also, today more and more people are looking for completely natural alternatives for coping with a variety of ailments or conditions, including stopping smoking, and since hypnosis doesn’t involve any drugs or chemicals, it has become a viable option for many who are trying to quit the habit once and for all.

What is Hypnosis?

Because the word hypnosis is derived from the Greek word hypnos, which means sleep, many people erroneously assume that being hypnotized is like being in a state of unconsciousness. However, in all reality, the exact opposite is actually true as while the body is deeply relaxed, the mind is as well, but it’s also in a heightened state of awareness, allowing one to be completely in control at all times, even while in a deep state of hypnosis. And, despite the often humorous portrayal in movies and television of people in hypnotized states acting like mindless automatons, a person will never do anything against their will while hypnotized.

How Does Hypnosis Help to Stop Smoking?

Since smoking and nicotine addiction are inherently complex and involve far more than just a physical addiction to cigarettes, hypnosis is said to be rather beneficial, as unlike the variety of stop smoking products on the market today, it addresses the mental and emotional end of smoking. And, as every smoker is already well aware of, smoking cigarettes has the ability to weave itself into literally every aspect of your life, almost becoming a part of who you are. Advocates of hypnosis say that no pill or patch is able to get to the root of the addiction the way hypnotherapy does by offering positive suggestions and creating new, healthier conditioned responses to replace the usual desire to smoke.

This isn’t to say that hypnosis can’t or shouldn’t be used in conjunction with other options for quitting smoking. In fact, one study recently found that people who added hypnosis to their plan to kick the habit were far more likely to succeed than those who simply tried on their own or used some type of nicotine replacement therapy.

Some people definitely seem to be more receptive to hypnosis than others, and therefore, one smoker may only need one or two sessions before becoming smoke-free, while another will need several before actually stopping for good. A hypnotherapist will be able to explain the entire process, which usually entails a quiet, dimly lit room and a soothing, calm voice making positive suggestions designed to reverse one’s desire to smoke. The hypnotherapist, whether in person or via a DVD or some other medium, should also give you the tools necessary to utilize self-hypnosis so that you are able to use hypnosis for this or any other reason, such as increasing self-esteem, losing weight, or overcoming other addictions.

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