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Typically, in hypnosis weight loss, the primary technique shared is how to control food cravings. Educating oneself to triumphantly deal with cravings involves teaching the conscious mind to constantly send optimistic images and ideas on weight loss to the subconscious mind.

Discussed below are two effective mind techniques that subjects are trained to master during weight loss hypnotherapy sessions:

1. If you envision it, it will happen.

This mind technique involves visualizing oneself in good physical shape which is the ultimate objective of those trying to lose weight. When people imagining themselves in a state they wish, they become prepared for the achievement of the goal. As individuals ready themselves for such victory, they get inclined to do things that will lead them to that. It is believed that visualization actually helps people realize and perform concrete steps to becoming what they want to be.

One can picture himself as a healthy eater or envision receiving pieces of advice from a future self who has attained his desired weight.

2. Drive food cravings towards the sky.

This may be as crazy or childish as it seems, but this mind technique has efficiently helped individuals to manage their desires to eat. In this approach, hypnotherapists utilize symbolic imagery to direct the patients to send their cravings away. During the process, they invite subjects to place food cravings on flying birds, kites, hot air balloons, or clouds and navigate them to the sky. This is based on the notion that if one?s appetite can be stimulated by fast food logos, then counter symbols can suppress it.

Although hypnosis weight loss has been found effective by a lot of subjects, there can still be instances when it has been unsuccessful in helping people to have control over their food cravings. Emotional factors such as stress, depression, and boredom can influence people to take some comfort food to ease any form of discomfort or tension. This is the reason why it is important to note that hypnotherapy for weight loss is much more efficient when coupled with physical exercise or other activities that can keep one active.

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