Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

The quit smoking cold turkey method is one of the oldest known cessation methods. It is a common expression meaning that you will quit smoking with no help from any cessation aids. The only thing you will count on is your strong will and determination.

Many people go for this way without assessing the frustration, often terrible withdrawal symptoms that are just behind your back during the cessation period. When they start they find themselves unprepared and helpless in front the difficulties and soon start to smoke again. So if you are to try, better get prepared.

cold turkeyThe first thing to know –quit smoking cold turkey means quit from once. You are not supposed just to reduce the number of cigarettes gradually – you should stop completely. Soon after your last cigarette, you can expect the first smoking cravings. As any other addiction, nicotine addiction has “pre-programmed” your brain to receive huge amounts of it. Now you are suddenly taking it away and your brain starts to drive you crazy. You will become irritable, nervous and will often feel very tired with no reason. Well, this is another part of the withdrawal symptoms that you should bare and fight.

Try to occupy your attention with something else all the time and keep your hands busy (to kill their smoking habit as well). When you feel strong cigarette desire call somebody, go for a walk, have something to eat. In case you are afraid that you will gain weight – eat vegetables and fruits only. Large amounts of liquids especially water will reduce the unpleasant symptoms. Increase the amount of vitamins that you usually take, especially Vitamin C. It will help you fight the tiredness and improve your mood. Some people find that more sport helps them during their quit smoking cold turkey program. Start going to the gym regularly, try jogging, yoga, even dances. Change your daily routines to escape the smoking situations. If necessary, do not visit places where it is allowed to smoke. You can even stop meeting your friends-smokers until you become strong enough to resist the temptation.

The good news is that within a few days, the cravings will start to settle down and many of the withdrawal symptoms will disappear. Within 10 days, you will feel normal and only on rare occasions you will feel some of the symptoms. However, this does not mean you are cured so you must continue following your quit smoking cold turkey program with great care.

The benefits of the cold turkey method are that you will quit with no medications or other medical procedures. Another great benefit is that it is free. However, it is important to know that this method is very challenging and (unfortunately) often unsuccessful. That is why you should get all the support you can from your family, friends and co-workers.

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