Quit Smoking Shot

quit smoking shotSmokers trying to stop smoking can consider a stop smoking shot. The most popular programs are Smart Shot and Welplex programs. If you are considering these yourself and want to learn something more about the qss programs, read below.
A qss is in fact a combination of medicines (which are approved by the respective government agency) that blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain. As a result, the smoker does not receive any positive feelings from nicotine. Moreover, cigarettes start to feel terrible for you and the smoking withdrawal symptoms are much bearable. Many people describe the feeling on the next day, after the shot, as complete non-smokers – they have no cravings or any other of the usual frustration symptoms of the quitters. Another benefit of the shot is that it is not nicotine based as the rest similar products (like nicotine gums, nicotine patches or inhalers).

A qss is usually followed up by a pills or patches treatment period. Some clinics offer a behavior treatment program after the shot to make sure you will never go to cigarettes again in the future. The whole treatment course is likely to take you less than a month although each clinic has its own time scales.

Stop smoking shot programs are considered a medical procedure. You should pass a detailed physical exam by a physician who than considers if the shot is suitable for you. As any other medications, the quit smoking hot may not be suitable if you have specific medical problems.

Stop smoking shot program prices vary however, they cost $500 on average. The good news is that most health insurance policies cover it. Even if your does not cover smoking cessation treatment, $500 is a minor cost compared to your yearly cigarette spending let alone any future costs because of your ruined health.

Qss are the preferred cessation method of many people today. It is a one-time treatment with guaranteed results. The frustrating side effects of other quitting methods are eliminated. Stop smoking shots has very good effect, around 70-80% success treatment rate, which is higher than any other known cessation method. Moreover, the cases of recidivism are quite low for people used the quit smoking shot. Moreover, the new improved shots have fewer side effects than the older versions. If you are eager to try it – ask your doctor for a good clinic that has qss treatment or browse the internet to find one.

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