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August 30, 2013: Reston, Virginia

PICS, Inc., the developer of the QuitKey Stop Smoking Computer, welcomed the arrival of Electronic Cigarettes -the latest entry among nicotine delivery products. “We all know that there is no ‘Silver Bullet’ to help smokers quit, and every legitimate entry is a welcome addition to our arsenal for fighting this deadly addiction,” said Al Behar, the president of PICS.

Behar said that he is not threatened by the new competition for two reasons: First, QuitKey holds a unique niche amongst the legitimate smoking cessation products mass marketed today, as the “Only drug-free, self-help product mass marketed that is scientifically proven.” Indeed, unlike the popular nicotine gum and patches and now Electronic Cigarettes, QuitKey doesn’t have small print; “If you can smoke – you can quit with QuitKey” says Behar. Drug based smoking cessation products cannot be used by many smokers, such as the young and the old, pregnant women, and smokers with a variety of other common pre-existing medical conditions. In clinical trials conducted with grants from the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, QuitKey’s efficacy has been shown to be comparable to the drug-based smoking cessation programs. “At $59.95, QuitKey matches their efficacy at a fraction of their cost and without the risk of side effects” Behar said.

The second reason for Behar’s enthusiasm for this latest nicotine delivery system is that he sees the potential for combining QuitKey with Electronic Cigarettes, which he believes may be more effective than Electronic Cigarettes alone. Indeed, PICS has been conducting pioneering research combining its computerized behavior change technology (QuitKey) with pharmacological interventions, such as nicotine gum and the nicotine patch, and these results have been very positive. In one completed study funded by the National Cancer Institute, a combined QuitKey nicotine gum intervention was nearly 3 times more effective than nicotine gum alone. Dr. Albert Jerome, the researcher that conducted the study explained: “The likely reason for the improved efficacy we observed in this study is that QuitKey provides needed structure for gum users, ensuring that enough gum is chewed in the critical early stages after quitting, when relapse is most likely to occur.” A study combining QuitKey with the nicotine patch was equal

ly promising. Based on these encouraging results, PICS is planning to test combining QuitKey with Electronic Cigarettes.

PICS, Inc., has been engaged in smoking cessation research and product development for the last 30 years. PICS has received numerous grants and contracts from the National Cancer Institute and National Institute on Drug Abuse. To date, over 1,000,000 smokers in North America and about 250,000 smokers in 20 other countries world-wide have used QuitKey.

Editors note: Al Behar, the CEO of PICS, Inc. is available for interviews. Tel: 703-758-1400

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